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Stamec has been working in the metallurgic sector since 1977, dealing in particular with the design and manufacture of sheet metal stamping tools. It mainly works for the automotive and household appliances industry. Its experience, spanning almost thirty years, allows it to stay on the market not only as a mere supplier, but also as an actual partner of its customers. The Company is able to cover every stage of production, from design to manufacture and pre-series production, sharing therefore with the customer both the development and the production stages. Its products are reliable and of the highest quality. In particular, Stamec specializes in the design and production of small, medium and large dies, which can be of the transfer or block types, progressive, or traditional. Gauges and jigs are also produced. Stamec can guarantee to the client the stamping of small quantities of product, beside pre-series production, which is necessary in order to test the quality of dies. Finally, thanks to its know-how regarding high-speed CNC processes, Stamec can also machine all materials, especially light alloys.
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