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mold construction

all types of

Medium and large moulds

STAMEC SRL boasts an experience of nearly 50 years in the construction of medium- and large-size dies for the cold forming and laser cutting of blanks.

All types of dies can be constructed, in particular:

Transfer dies
Dies for robotic press lines
Progressive dies
Manual dies
Prototype dies

almost 50 years of experience

Verticalization of

STAMEC has reached an almost total level of verticalisation of the processes normally envisaged in the creation of a mould.

The company is equipped to carry out internally:

Method planning and simulation
Process layout
Design and bill of materials
Milling, erosion and turning
Body building and benchwork
Measurement of stamped parts and reverse engineering
Dimensional correction
Pre-series samples with 3D laser cutting
In-process try out (progressive and transfer dies)